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Other Services


Structured to meet the diverse needs of real estate developers, landlords, managers and occupiers, the team at Wilby Estate International offers essential tenant coverage to landlords and developers for all range of projects. With a strong focus on your needs, we map out strategies tailored to your portfolio requirements.

At Wilby Estate International, we offer expert real estate services for all commercial matters relating to office occupation; including relocation, expansion or consolidation, lease renewal or restructuring, and rent review negotiations. We also offer advice and assistance on space planning.

Through an in-depth analysis of the highly dynamic market we formulate competitive leasing and pricing strategies, consistent with landlord needs directed at yielding the best return you.

Integrated Facility Management Services

At Wilby Estate International, we understand the importance of conceptualising and customising an integrated facility management strategy for your designated needs.
Our Integrated Facility Management services include:

  • Property Management
  • Managing Agency Services
  • Engineering Maintenance and Support Services
  • Energy Procurement & Management
  • Car Park Management
  • Space Management Design and Services
  • Landscaping Design & Services
  • Project Management Services

Depending on your requirement, we are commited to design a practical solution to meet your demands.